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The 7 main characters :
 Captain Jonathan Archer 
American in it early 40, he was born in 2111. Physical (il a fait partie des Scouts), he has a bold personality and above all, is intensely curious and has a sense of justice sometimes difficult to ally with his position as a Starfleet officer.
He is the son of the regreted engineer Henry Archer, a close collaborator of Zephram Cochrane, who developped the Warp 5 technology, allowing humanity to begin deep space exploration. Jonathan was born and raised an explorer. He spent all his life in San Fransisco, Earth, and joined Starfleet in the years 2130. He is the first Captain in command of a deep space starship. Unlike the Starfleet captains in centuries to come, he exhibits a sense of wonder and excitement, as well as a little trepidation about the strange things he will encounter. He holds a grudge against the Vulcans, who he blames for impeding humanity's progress. But his science officer is Vulcan, and he's struggling to reconsider those preconceptions. He has a very strong sense of duty et is reports very conscientiously all his moves and thoughts in the Captain's log, knowing he's putting corner stones for all the Captains of the future. However, he is a bit of a renegade and is not afraid to question orders or even disobey them if he feels in his gut that he's right. When he was young, on the Earth, he played waterpolo. He is still a fan, as for Tucker, and keeps in touch with championships results. He shares his life between his ship and his dog Porthos, a Beagle, which is the only four legs crewmember and which sleeps in the Captain's quarters.
Archer is played by Scott Bakula.
 Sub-commander T'Pol 
She is a Vulcan female, 60 years old (so looks like 30). She is austere yet sensual, and has been raised in a time where some Vulcans are still quite in disagreement with the common sense of logic.
She's the Science Officer assigned to oversee humanity's progress on board Enterprise. Although she's cautious and guarded around humans, whom she considers primitive and irrational, she's developed a grudging respect for Captain Archer, maybe even more than that. She becomes one of his most loyal and trusted crew members. Her first contact with humans was in 2149 when she arrived at the Vulcan compound in Sausalito, USA. So she still learns in knowing her fellows.
T'Pol is played by Jolene Blalock.
 Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker, III 
Chief Engineer. Early 30s, very long and close friend of the Captain.
He is an american southerner who enjoys using his "country" persona to disarm people. He joined Starfleet in 2139 and met in 2143 Jonathan Archer whom he becomes one of the best friends. He actually saved Archer's life in 2147 (Unexpected). He was involved with Malcolm Reed's sister Madeline for a while, but it's over now. He has an offbeat, often sarcastic sense of humor. Trip was hand-picked by Captain Archer, who is something of a mentor to him. Although Trip is a brilliant Engineer and an outstanding officer, he has very little first-hand experience with alien cultures, and he's often a "fish out of water" when dealing with new civilizations. His known family : a grand mother and a sister, whose deadly fate is going to make him harsher. As for Archer, he is a waterpolo fan. His favorite food is catfish.
Tucker is played by Connor Trinneer.
 Lieutenant Malcolm Reed 
He is the weapons Officer. He is British in his late 20s - early 30s, and was born on September the 1st.
In the new age of humanity's enlightenment, Reed is a bit of a throwback. He's a 22rd Century 'soldier', all spit and polish and by-the-book. But Reed is filled with contradictions. Despite his near-obsession with munitions, he's soft-spoken, shy and awkward around women. When testing a new weapon, he's liable to put on a pair of space-age earplugs because he doesn't like loud noises. He's the one that will test new weapons for Starfleet as phase canon, primitive forcefields. He is in charge of putting the corner stones of all the future protocoles of Starfleet security, still to come. Known family : his parents Mary and Stuart, and a sister called Madeline (who was involved with Trip). He has been briefly implicated in a sentimental relationship with a Vissian female tactical officer nammed Traistana during the first contact with this species.
Reed is played by Dominic Keating.
 Doctor Phlox 
He is Denobulian. He is the equivalent of the Medical Officer, but not from Starfleet. He is one of the first aliens joining the Vulcan Interspecies Medical Exchange Program initiated in 2151. He was working in San Francisco at Starfleet Medical before being selected by Archer to join the Enterprise.
Appears to be in his 40s, but we're not certain of his real age. Phlox speaks with a slight alien accent and has an eccentric sense of humor that no one quite understands. He thinks that humanity is fascinating. He has an extremely wide-open mind and no a priori on alien moralities. Polygam and with large ideas on relationship, he has at least 3 wives, among which Feezal flirted with a Trip very unconfortable. Phlox has a son, Mettus, but has no contact with him because of the anti-Antaran xenophobic ideas of the latest. His species must hibernate each year for... 2 days ! Biologically, he has a impressive 2 meter long tongue. The Doctor has filled Sickbay with all sorts of bizarre medical instruments, alien plants and spores, and stasis chambers with small, living creatures that are used for medicine preparations. He practices a brand of 'Intergalactic medicine' the likes of which we've never seen. This makes the most routine visit to Sickbay an unexpected adventure. Doctor Phlox especially likes chineese food, and for breakfast, he appreciates blueberry pancakes.
Phlox is played by John Billingsley.
 Ensign Hoshi Sato 
She is Comm Officer. She is Japanese in her mid to late 20s.
She trained for 3 years in Starfleet training facilities, where she graduated 2nd of her class. After that, she took a leave to teach at the Amazon University. She's in charge of communications on Enterprise, but she also serves as ship's Translator. An expert in exo-linguistics, she learned to manipulate her vocal chords to emit a range of alien sounds no human has ever produced. She has a natural affinity for picking up languages. Very openmind, she will become closer to T'Pol and learn to like the Vulcan's principles. Striking and intelligent, but absolutely novice in space travel, Hoshi sometimes has feisty spirit that often tests the patience of the crew. Hoshi doesn't like the idea of being trapped in a "tin can" hurtling at impossible speeds. Every time the ship jumps to warp she grips her console and closes her eyes. She's a "white knuckle" space farer. Known family : his father. Hoshi had a sentimental affair with a linguist nammed Ravis in 2152 on Risa.
Sato is played by Linda Park.
 Ensign Travis Mayweather 
He is the Enterprise helmsman. He is African American in his 25s.
A unique product of 22nd Century life, Mayweather was raised for 23 years in a cargo ship nammed the Horizon. As a result Travis is more "interstellar" than even the Captain. He's travelled to dozens of planets and met many different alien species. Mayweather has an 'instinct' for space-travel that few humans possess. However, he is the team's greenhorn and still has the secret ambition of becoming Captain. Known family : his mother Rianna and father (he died in 2152), a brother called Paul and an uncle, whose friend is missing in a shuttlepod after he contracted a fatal virus that made him crazy.
Mayweather is played by Anthony Montgomery.
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