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18 August 2009 - Braga and Coto talk about what would have been seen in Enterprise season 5
At Las Vegas Con, Braga And Coto Talk Enterprise (By T'Bonz on August 11, 2009). Brannon Braga and Manny Coto tell fans what a fifth season of Star Trek: Enterprise would have been like, and Braga takes the blame for the controversial Star Trek: Enterprise finale. As reported by, a fifth season of Star Trek: Enterprise would have included a return to the Mirror Universe. Four or five episodes would have been spread through the season as a "mini-series within a series." Season Five would have been about tying the "origins of the Federation" and the "begin whispers of the Romulan War" together. The Romulans were to be the only major villains in the fifth season, but new minor villains within "mini-arcs" would have appeared at various points. "Future Guy" was "probably going to be a Romulan" and would have tied into the Romulan War with a future Romulan trying to "instigate things." There were plans to try to make Shran the Andorian a regular character on the NX-01 in the fifth season. Braga spoke about These Are The Voyages, the Star Trek: Enterprise finale that angered many Enterprise fans. "I will take full blame for that episode, for those that didn't like it," he said. "In retrospect, it was a very cool idea, that in the end was a mistake. The concept was to have Manny do a final two-part finale, but then have a final episode send a valentine to all of Star Trek over the last eighteen years. We just thought it would be a cool concept to show the Next Generation's crew looking back, though the holodeck, at Archer's crew. It is a high concept, but I am not sure it came together."
25 January 2009 - Added new original pictures for virtual season 6 (cast and episodes)
New and original pictures of the Enterprise main crew to illustrate the seaon 6 (also available in the pages 'cast - pictures'. Et new illustration of the virtual season 6, even if (for the moment) episodes text are not available on this site.
18 décembre 2008 - Majel Barrett Rodenberry passed away today
Majel Barrett Rodenberry died today. Born on 23 February 1932, she was famous for being Gene's wife. Her actress life in Star Trek surely is the longest in duration and series, since she played Nurse Chapel in TOS, Number One in TOS pilote, Lwuxanna Troi and the computer voice in TNG and DS9, the Voyager computer voice in Voyager, and recently in video games too. She was still active last year. We will all regret her.
21 September 2007 - Launch of the virtual season 6, episode 1 onlin now: missing pieces, part 1
17 new episodes-novels located right after the end of the virtual season 5 are coming now with the new exclusive virtual season 6 in French (and mirror for the english version). The episode 1 finds Enterprise, badly damaged, in dry docks around the Earth. And not only the starship must be rebuilt...
9 July 2007 - Sevtrek parodies are back online... a new 'comic'-trip each week
It really was time to update the display of these little wonderful parodies on the site... It's done, for the moment in French, and very soon in English. From now, there will be a new 'comic'-trip each week. And there is material for more than a year, so have a nice time reading.
20 May 2007 - Added to the cast pict gallery the casting of the virtual season 5
With season 5 now complete and online, I've added to the cast pictures gallery the pictures of the 7 main characters as they are in the virtual season 5
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