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The Starship Enterprise, classification number NX-01, is state-of-the-art. It is the first human spaceship capable of warp 5, increasing the number of reachable planets from a few tens to thousands. Henry Archer, heir of Zephram Cochrane and also father of the Captain Archer, was the engineer responsible for the developement of the new technology of the warp 5 engine in a project launched in 2119.
The Entreprise is 230 meters long, 130m breadth, approximatively 60 high, and 80 000 metric tons. she had 7 decks from A (upper deck) to G, or 8 if one takes into account deck E as double. She has a crew compliment of 80-90. She brandishes newly developped phase cannons and spatial torpedoes, still under improvement, and is equipped with polarized hull plating that leaves the ship defenseless when not activated. Forcefields don't still exist but will come soon with human fast explorations. Artificial gravity is generated in a gravitationnal tube, only plce in ship where there is actually no gravity. The ship's control panels have commuters and buttons, not optical displays.
Two Shuttlepods can hold a pilot and six passengers, travel at sub-warp speeds and are used for away missions to planets, ships or space stations. The pods are launched through bomb bay doors by a magnetic arm after being positioned below the ship. Teleportation is rather new and unsafe and is therefore only used for cargo or in emergency situations.
Replicators also are at their early stage of developpement and are called protein re-sequencers. They produce a limited range of items such as pasta or drinks. The ship is equipped with a classic galley where meals are prepared for the crew and served in the Mess Hall. Captain Archer has a private mess, where frequent guests are Tucker et T'Pol.
Design and production : The designer of this new startrek ship is Mister John Eaves, production illustrator in the Enterprise series. Mike and Denise Okuda have also worked on illustration. The design of the ship has been done under the supervisation of Rick Berman. Startrek fans have recognized the similarity with the 24th century Akira-Class ships. But even if external comparison charts have been displayed on sites, comparison stops here. It definitely is a 21st-22nd century ship that has been created, much smaller and less limited than ships of 23 and 24th centuries. Here are shown interior descriptions at their maximum known details.
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12 April 2151
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