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OFFICIAL WEBSITE: : THE official Star Trek site, Enterprise category. Articles, Episodes, Castings, Behind the scenes, ship schematics, pictures, timeline of the Future.
Clic on the Next 'Enterprise' on UPN. With official pictures, a synopsis, cast and production team, and sometimes a promotional video.
FANFICTIONS: : The complete virtual season 5, a series of episodes that relaunched the show where it left off, right after Terra Prime (partner site, we're their mirror and translators in French)
triptpolers.houseoftucker : Thousands of stories about Enterprise, by genre, authors, titles and date added.
NEWS AND RUMORS SITES: : Each day all the news, on every aspects of star trek. Right now the most up to date site on Enterprise (a spy in the production ?) : All the news 2 to 3 times a week, on every star trek series, and a discussion forum. : Psiphi is back, this time for the 5th series. For each episode, all the news on production, actors, airing dates, synopsis. Very clear and complete. : Another news site, always up-to-date. One of the best, with trekweb : Another news site , updated monthly (roughly). Pretty presentation. Advertising for startrek merchandising on internet. : The latest news, day by day, with pictures when available (in German, with some highlights in English).
Ent-crew : One of the english websites offering a large selection of screen captures for each and every episodes. Updated to mid-2nd season, Feb 2003. : Another site offering for each episode some screen captures. Site in German only. Updated Feb 2003.
The site has unfortunately disappeared fron the net. It's a shame, it was a gigantic source of screen captures directly from episodes.
Mr Video ( : Promotional official videos from UPN on Enterprise. Some link problems, lately.
ENCYCLOPEDIA (SHIPS) WEBSITES: : A genius in the creation and presentations of computer-generated 3D spaceships. A splendid idea for presenting the Enterprise NX-1 conception in transparency, to see and zoom on her core sections (bridge, engineering, sickbay, launch bay).
Nova Star Trek (.org): Another specialist in computer generated pictures. a great source for pictures usually hard to find.
GENERAL SITES OF FANS: : a superbe site entirely dedicated to Enterprise, displayed only with the screens as seen on the NX-01 bridge. The result is splendide, and the info content also (Enterprise-encyclopedia as good as the official book, episodes, crew, pictures of the opening with lyrics of the theme synchro., and of course pictures of the famous screens. Look at the misc section for pretty merchandising)., section Enterprise. A great quality source for episode pictures, mainly scanned from official magazines. It's the source of the big pictures on this site for the first season. Also a great source of general documents on startrek (cartography, gags,...)
Janet's site : A great encyclopedic site whose section linked here describe EVERY details of EVERY uniforms in EVERY time periods of Star Trek. Impressive in precision. Also on the site more than 10000 screen captures from the whole 7 Voyager series.
startrekenterprise by angelfire : Characters large galleries, from Enterprise new pictures as well as other shows and real life pictures...
USS_Helvetica, in Switzerland : A picture of each main character, an episode guide with a familiar official look.. This site is mostly dedicated to the general univers of Startrek, around the time of DS9. I hope the Enterprise section will grow...
generalist website on TV series. Has recommended stvoyager and startrek.enterprise in its links. (Warning: many undesired popup windows)
Jimmy : The french TV channel that airs Star Trek Enterprise. Available on cable and satellite, numerical version has multilinguist version. See their Enterprise pages section of Jimmy for Enterprise presentation, news and TV-guide (link verified : january 2004).
Unification : The most important fan organisation of Startrek in France presents some pages on Enterprise, and an Enterprise section in the 'depeches' (newz) to show you the latest rumors on the series. Partner of startrek.enteprise who provides Unification with the French most up to date episode guide.
Common reference engine of AltaVista, Deja, Google, HotBot, Infoseek, Lycos, Northern Light, Yahoo, to access entire pages of Enterprise sites thank referenced by a common search engine.
Google open search directory. The same, improved by Google. A MUST.
Generation Series, the TV-series Magazineportal, or direct access to the Enterprise section of the 'URL TV-series database'.
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