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Title: ENTERPRISE, music from the original television soundtrack
Author: Dennis McCarthy
release date: May 14, 2002, USA
Editor: Decca/UMG Soundtracks
1. Where My Heart Will Take Me - Russell Watson (former 'Faith of the Heart') [ 30'' ... ]
2. New Enterprise [ 30'' ... ]
3. Klingon Chase-Shotgunned [ 30'' ... ]
4. Enterprise First Flight [ 30'' ... ]
5. Klang-Napped [ 30'' ... ]
6. Morpho-O-Mama / Suli-Nabbed
7. Phaser Fight
8. Breakthrough
9. Grappled
10. The Rescue
11. Temporal Battle
12. Blood Work
13. New Horizons
14. Archers Theme
15. Where My Heart Will Take Me
What's really in it: The musics of the Pilot "Broken Bow" and the TV opening theme.
The review, by (Jerry McCulley):
Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek franchise now encompasses five television series, a cartoon show, 10 feature films, an IMAX presentation, and an interactive Las Vegas spectacular--not bad for a much-mocked '60s TV show its network discarded after barely three seasons. With Enterprise, the syndicated prequel that follows the first starship Enterprise on her original missions, composer and previous ST series vet Dennis McCarthy takes the saga's musical reins, instantly imbuing it with a familiar, if more dignified and restrained, sense of discovery and adventure with his pastoral "New Enterprise" and "New Horizons" themes. If his "Archer's Theme" briefly strays into overwrought rock heroics, the composer's edgy, rhythmic Klingon cues add a sense of almost palpable danger to the soundtrack. Tense, unusually brooding, and marvelously atmospheric, McCarthy's scoring here harks back to the best of Goldsmith's ST film work. "The Rescue" even recalls the powerfully dramatic brass writing of Herrmann in his prime.
Another sure sign of the show's pop culture stature: it now has its own bona fide Diane Warren overwrought pop ballad theme, "Where My Heart Will Take Me" (in both its TV version and an extended album mix here) by Russell Watson. Expanded PC media features include a mock Enterprise computer interface containing a performance video of Watson's song and cast and character bios/profiles.
  • Diane Warren is a multiple Grammy and Academy Award nominee who has written chart-topping hits for such multi-platinum artists as Celine Dion, Aerosmith and Trisha Yearwood.
  • Russell Watson is a British singing sensation who has crossed over from opera to pop, and whose debut album, 'The Voice', reached number one on Billboard's Classical Crossover chart and number two on the Top New Artist chart.
  • Dennis McCarthy has composed music for every contemporary Star Trek series along with the movie 'Star Trek Generations', and won an Emmy for his main title theme to 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'.
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