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A 5th Star Trek series produced right after the end of Voyager, 2001 :
     In 2001, Star Trek Voyager ends its carrier with an excellent 7th season. Not wasting time, Brannon Braga and Rick Berman decide to launch a new Star Trek series. As soon as early 2001, rumors flies on the Internet: time travel, the after-DS9, section 31, and even Sulu and the Excelsior. But it's finally the birth of the Federation which will be the subject. The action takes place in the 22nd century, more precisely in 2151, one hundred years before Kirk. At that time, Berman was saying : "I was not able to write a single line on the 24th century anymore." Casting is organised, there will be new crew of 7 members, including 5 Humans, 1 Vulcan female and an exotic male alien (the Doctor). In the technical section, the ship is built based on existing models, but rapidly finds its own personal style, rougher than previous ships, but without the paperlike side of Kirk's Enterprise. Talking about that, the name of this new ship is indeed 'Enterprise', but in order to not change the fact that Kirk's one was the really first, this new one will be a prototyp, the NX-01 (and not a USS...)
The subject :
     April 16, 2151. 90 years have passed since the 1st Human warp flight by Zefram Cochrane. Vulcans do have an ambassador on the Earth, but their relations with Humans are still strained, a little bit like parents towards turbulent children. Vulcans try to keep Humans far away from the stars, thinking they're not ready yet. Planned by the Vulcan High Command, T'Pol (picture on the right) is assigned in the Enterprise as an observer, actually to spy these very disturbing star trekkers.
The Enterprise NX-01, first long range Earth starship and still in spacedocks, is ready to be launched. A Klingon crash on Earth after a battle against strange and hostiles Sulibans, and everything accelerates. Humans want to bring back the injured Klingon home, and by the same way make First Contact with them, but Vulcans are against, for the honor of the Klingon warrior and pretending a desastrous cultural meeting. It's again a source of another conflict between Humans and Vulcans that finish with the launch of the Enterprise, with Captain Jonathan Archer (picture on the left) at its command, and his team.


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