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 Captain's armchair 
Command chair, one of its kind in this class of ships. Located at the back center in order to embrace a global view of all stations, he is centered just behind navigation controle station and faces the main screen. It's the usual place one can find Captain Jonathan Archer when he is on the bridge.
 Engineering Station 
Controle center, on the bridge, of ship's drive systems and other primary systems. It is located in front of the bridge on the right of Captain's chair. It is the place of Commander 'Trip' Tucker, long time friend of the Captain.
Detail main engineering screen and emergency bridge access command... ]
 Tactical Station 
Controle of weapons and defenses of the ship. Weapons include space torpedoes (4 forward launch tubes - see deck f for details ) and phase cannons (1 cannon installed before launch, other mountedduring first year by Reed and Trip). The station is the closest to the right of Captain's chair. It is the place of Lieutenant Malcolm Reed, weapon specialist.
 Science Station 
Scientific analysis center on the bridge. At the center of the station, one can find the observing device looking like large rectangular binoculars. This tool will be wtandard equipement for at least one century in Starfleet ships, until the time of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. The station is the closest one on the left of Captain's chair. It is the place of First Officer Sub-Commander T'Pol, a Vulcan imposed by her government to try and control humans.
Detail main scientific screen and bridge access circuitry systems... ]
 Communication Station 
This place is the necessary rooter for all in and out data on the ship. The role of the officer in charge of it is crucial during contacts with other species. The future of diplomatic relations always depends on the speed and comprehension of translations of communications. It is the place of Ensign Hoshi Sato, a specialist in exolangages.
 Navigation and Helm Station 
Navigation and drive controles originate from this station located exactely at the center of the bridge, just in front of the main screen. It is the place of Ensign Travis Mayweather, a Human 'boomer' born and raised in space, in an Earth Cargo.
Detail navigation and helm station... ]
 Main Screen 
Located in front of the bridge. It gives a stable picture of what's in front of the ship transmitted from cameras and/or telescopes. If necessary, it can display video communication.
 Turbolift Access 
Unique exit of the bridge, it is located on the back left of Captain's chair. The lift links all decks but, unless specifically denied in the future, only travels vertically.
 Operation Controle Room 
This little rectangular open room is located behind the Captain. It is the core controle of action and tactical command decisions. Wall screens and the table can display status and tactical information (maps, tactical schematics, historical databases...).Detail operation table... ]
 Operations Wall Screen 
Displays status of the situation, the one of the ship in quiet time, and the one of the operation theater during alerts. May be sometimes redondant with what the table displays.
 Readyroom access 
It is located behind the Captain's chair on its right.
Captain's private room and his sanctuary. The perfect place for taking decisions or welcome/meet someone or major communications away from the rest of the crew.
Captain's prerogative, it's the only window of the deck that's opened to space. He can therefore be immediately aware of any change in direction or speed from the ship.
 Frames of old ships called Enterprise 
A set of 4 drawing frames showing historical ships called Enterprise is hanged on the wall (on the right while entering).

general view of the 4 frames on the wall... ] (the 4 Enterprise: 1799, 1961, 1976, 2151 )
 Warp coils 
Detailled explanation about nacelles can be found in the Startrek Encyclopedias. What's interessant for us here are the warp coils. These series of coils, standard on any ship propulsed by warp drive, are the generators and gardians of the field's alignment. Their heavy protective structure also makes them the only safe place on the NX-01 for any living being in case of deadly radiations space waves and storms. The ship can thus be controlled from a temporary command station with all primary systems. The rest of the ship, including life support, is turned off. Of course, the warp reactor is turned off to avoid the 300 degrees C average temperature surrounding the coils. The ship is therefore limited to impulse speeds. The Entreprise crew has already the 'pleasure' to test this situation in 2152 while crossing a highly radioactive cloud ("The Catwalk", season 2).
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