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 Reactor controles 
De conception 22e siècle, les contrôles du réacteur sont rassemblés sur un panneau vertical sur l'avant du réacteur. Ils comprennent classiquement les afficheurs et contrôles des paramètres des injecteurs et de combustion.
 Warp core reactor 
The enineering is 22nd century conception. It is the first entirely human made warp 5 reactor. It took almost one century of efforts after the 1st warp flight made by Zephram Cochrane to come to this, despite Vulcan efforts to slow them down. Le Warp 5 project was born in 2119 from Zephram Cochrane and followed, after his disappearance in the Alpha Centauri system, under the supervision of Henri Archer, father of the now NX-01 Captain. Still, it took 20 years to come to almost fatal test flight of the NX-Alpha prototype and those, more lucky, of the NX-Beta, then again 10 years before the launch of the first production series. This reactor has a horizontal geometry.
 Plasma injectors 
After his exit from the reactor, and before being injected in the nacelles, plasma is accelerated in 2 sections symetrically located on the back left and right of the saucer.
 Officers Quarters 
The most spacious quarters are located at this level. They are reserved to officers and special guests. Larger than crew quarters, they are first of all individual and have a shower room (identical to the one in Captain's quarter, shown here). At this time, space and water is still a rare privilege. Quarters are located all around the saucer and have a view on space. Ensign Hoshi Sato, space sick, had the opportunity to exchange quarters with Enseign Porter soon after the NX-01 launch in order to be in forward direction during travel ("Fight or flight", season 1).
 Guest Quarters 
During exploration missions, the crew can have the visites of alien guests, for First Contact for example. Special large guest quarters are ready for them. They were used for first time during the observation of stellar phenomenom in 2151 ("Cold Front", season 1).
 Transporter room 
Transporters are a Human invention from the early 22nd century. Until 2150, it was only used for cargo transport, as it wasn't still not improved for bio-transport. All this changed in 2151 with the certification for living beings transport. But the newly revolutionary travel system is still frightening, and everyone would rather use shuttles, afraid of having their molecules dismanteled in thin air. Then transporters are still limited to emergency situations ("Broken Bow", season 1). The system still malfunctions sometimes, creating parallel planes experiences. Hoshi experienced this in 2152 ("Vanishing Point", season 2). Anyway, the system is still due to be improved, as shown as in the accident in 2151 where a Human being was transported with sand, leaves and woods phased in him, during a storm ("Strange New World", season 1). Even if this accident was not fatal, it took months to the poor man to be healed ("By the Book", Pocket Books).
 Transorter padd 
Any matter scanned in the volume limited by the transporter padd and its equivalent on the ceiling is stored in the stack memory after matter-energy conversion. It is then beamed to another location transmitted inside the signal, and then rematerialised. Everything takes only a fraction of second and the subject is not supposed to feel anything (except for incident, "Vanishing Point", season 2).
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