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 Healing room 
Sickbay is a real hospital onboard Earth starships. With the developpment of deep space exploration by Humans, the Starfleet new organization has encouraged the initiation of several medical exchange programmes in order for all to benefit newest best experiences. Doctor Phlox was one of these volonteers, in the Vulcan interspecies exchange. This Denobulian became in 2151 the first doctor onboard a warp 5 starship.
The main room includes Human and interspecies programme last best devices and can face all kind of possible medical situations. The medical bed is placed at the center of the room and he also used for scan analysis. 3 other beds monitored are disposed around the room. Screen on the walls display patient files as well as life signs parameters and any kind of scan results.
 Chief Medical Laboratory 
Doctor Phlox, assigned onboard for his alien experience of medicine, has the use of a laboratory where he manages exotic plants and animals for medical use. Better not approach the cages, one can never know what strange, and not necessary friendly, host one can find in there.
Except for this anecdot, and even if the Doctor sometimes performs most exotic medicine ("A Night in Sickbay", season 2), he has at its disposal every tools and devices the modern biologic and genetic research in order to fight any possible epidemies and infections.
 Captain's Quarters 
Captain' quarters are the largest on the ship. They're the only ones to have 3 rooms : bedroom, living room and bathroom. He shares them with... his dog, a beagle who owns his basket next to the entrance door. Waterpolo fan, the Captain looks at, when times allow it, the last games sent to him by most various ways ("The Seventh", season 2) on his screen facing his bed. He often receive people for lunch in his living room, T'Pol and Trip being most ofter his guests, but he also try to regularly invite his other officers. The Chef prepares and brings the menu, which indicates that there would be communication pathway with the ship's kitchen or mess hall.
 Senior Officers Quarters 
Trip, Reed and T'Pol may have their quarters on this deck (unconfirmed). Hoshi's quarters are here ("Fight or flight", season 1). They include a main room with bathroom. We've already discovered T'Pol's quarters ("Fallen Hero", saison 1).
 Main Hall 
With a capacity of approx. 40 people in his meal configuration, the Mess Hall includes 10 or so rectangular metallic tables. Meals are prepared by the Chef in the ship's kitchen, and served in self service. Protein re-sequencers are also available on the wall. They produce a limited range of items such as pasta or drinks, but no elaborate dishes. Breakfasts are typically served by protein resequencers.
Some nights, the mess hall is reconverted into a theater hall in order for the crew to relax.
It is the place where daily meals are prepared for the 87 crewmembers. The mysterious Chef is the Captain here, even if he is still unrevealed after 2 and a half season except for some rare and furtive crossings. Of course, he is helped by a team of approx. 5 people.
 Upper launch bay 
The launch bay actually is on both decks E and F. Upper level is here on deck E. Since shuttles are launched after openings of doors, this area is divided into 2 distinct parts : the pressurized sector, limited to deck E, includes the launch controle room, a dressing and the decontamination chamber; and the depressurisable sector on deck F where 2 pods are parked.
 Decontamination Chamber 
Located just near the entrance of the bay, it is the necessary quarantine zone for mission returns. Away team members to be treated must stay for hours in the chamber. Decontamining agents are pulverized in the air in a blue light, everyone must cover each other with gel and let it work for some times after exposition to hostile environment. It is a deeply annoying moment for all, seating on the bench.
 Escape pods 
Strangely arranged on the lower perimeter of the saucer, the escape pods can take several people off the ship in emergency situations. They are equipped with little navigational thrusters and emergency emitter/receiver beacons for recovery. Unfortunately, the NX-01 being in 2151 the only Earth warp 5 starship, the success of a recovery only depends on the reception of the SOS by Vulcans or other advanced species travelling around, which still represent a very limited number in the mid 22nd century. Trading between worlds is still not much developped and each system tends to stay isolated, not trusting others.
No sas on the Enterprise NX-01. These are single doors unlocked only when in contact with another vessel's airlock. It is to be noted that shuttlepods are also equipped with an airlock on their top (used for entrance and exit in the launch bay).
Nothing is simpler. In space, to avoid collision with more or less big particules and other rocks, one must have a shield. A first solution is to have a solid state shield in front of the ship, and to keep the entire ship protected behind. It is not esthetic, it is very heavy to build and therefore limited to old multi-generation starships (See Arthur C. Clarke, "Fields of Earth", or approaching title). The second solution, kept by every species travelling in deep space, is to deflect the course of colliding fireballs with a deflector. The NX-01 one is located in front of the middle section of the hull. Behind its dish are numerous long range sensors and space telescops.
 Science Labs 
Science laboratory feeds the need for research and study linked to the primary nature of the NX-01, deep space exploration. Entering data from sensors, ship observatories and deflector are collected there. Because of the exclusivity of the measurements made onboard Enterprise in early 2150s, numerous famous Earth scientists have publications based on works originated from Enterprise. Scientists also do during their time onboard extraordinary discoveries. They tend with their endless curiosity to mind others business - very rare as showed by Vulcans and Kreetassans - and put Earth in front. Humans really are champions to shake established uses, it already suggest they are going to be guides and managers for the other species later.
 Warp field symetric controle 
One of the warp problems is the regulation of plasma injectors toward both nacelles. Equilibrium of the warp field must be permanently assured. This is automatically controlled by a measure/countermeasure system located behind the saucer, between nacelle at the basement of their supporting arms.
 Navigation controle Thrusters 
Located on the saucer sides, they allow change in direction during impulsion flight at lower speeds, as on any other spaceship.
 Impulse Thrusters 
When the ship is not travelling in warp, he is in impulse, below luminic speed. Combustion is assured by classic engine. Although not explained, it could be ion engines, 10 times less expensive in fuel than chemical engines from early 21st century and that can use various gas. After ionisation of the gas (electrically charged particules), a simple but powerful electric field accelerate and eject it behind. Inertial dampeners just have to compensate for the acceleration force in order to avoid the ship's crew to be projected on any walls inside. The color of output gas depends on the gas, and more precisely on ions. NX-01 emits a blue light. For information, the first spaceship using a ion engine was Deep Space 1, launched by the USA the 24 October 1998. It was using 82 kg of Xenon, equivalent in power to 800 kg of chemical fuel in a classic ship. DS1 flew over the Borelly comet at a altitude of 2200 km the 22 September 2001, just 4 days before the launch of the series Enterpise. The spaceship was turned off the 18 December 2001, during Enterprise season 1. Let's remember that numerous technicians, engineers and scientists of the JPL/NASA are fervents fans of Startrek and don't miss the episodes (source JPL/NASA).
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